Jeanette Dixon’s Top 10 Priorities For Service on the Board of Education
• Provide a world class education for ALL of our students
• Operate with total transparency and responsiveness including a timely posting of all reports and audits and listing the names of people who serve on all MCPS committees and interview panels and their affiliation. Establish a BOE Advisory Committee composed of a representative from each major educational stakeholder group
• Fully fund the Technology Initiative so that our students can be competitive in the 21st century while also ensuring this is done without detriment to the health of students and staff.
• Reduce class size and follow up to monitor Class Size Reports to ensure that the funds designated for the reduction in class size are used for that purpose. Limit testing so that teachers have time to teach, plan, reflect, and collaborate with fellow teachers
• Hire more counselors (two at the elementary level, one at each grade level in middle school, and lower counselor load in high school)and mental health professionals and professionals equipped to work with students affected by drug and alcohol abuse
• Work with the new superintendent on a transformative change in MCPS culture so that staff are not afraid to speak up for fear of losing their job, as this has the effect of stifling creativity
• Be a good steward of the financial resources provided by taxpayers is a top priority. FY’18 Budget should be developed on a Zero-Based Basis with the Board involved during the process of developing the budget, not at the end of it. This will allow a full review of all programs so that we can determine which programs are needed and which are no longer relevant in our changing school system
• Greater urgency in efforts to eliminate the achievement gap
• Implement an effective Alternative Program for at risk students
• Work with the new superintendent to ensure BOE priorities (which should be developed in collaboration with students, teachers, staff, parents and education stakeholders) are fulfilled and work collaboratively with the County Council and County Executive